Time is a thief or a gift depending on how you look at it. Life through my lens is about perspective. I love capturing images that illustrate personality, intimacy and connection. I'm grateful for the eyes to frame these moments in time and press the pause button. Time marches on and memories fade but these moments are forever when captured and preserved. I strongly encourage my clients to print their images as technology changes and the digital space may be nice for temporary storage but it can be unpredictable for permanently saving our most cherished memories. 

I am a wife and mother. I get to share this life's journey with two of the most amazing and beautiful spirits. I'm also surrounded by friends and family that are talented, encouraging and giving. They challenge me and inspire me every day. 

Photography helps me express myself creatively while illustrating and documenting some of the most precious and fleeting moments in the lives of others. I'm a people centered photographer and capturing images with depth and emotion and the appreciation of life is what feeds my soul. I photograph people in a variety of genres but I specialize in Newborns (Hive calls), Petite Weddings /Elopements (Bee Wed) and Boudior (Queen Bee). I also believe that Bee love is Bee love and in that vein I have and will continue to offer my photography services to same sex couples.

I am based in Denver, Colorado but I am not limited to one state or region. I take photography contracts from anywhere within the united states and abroad. Travel allowance required and negotiated by contract.


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